This page is dedicated to exposing the scourage of the interent, SPAMMERS! = SPAMMER!

Some letters to help you stop JUNK MAIL!

Consumer Letter:
This is the template I use for ALL correpsondence with EVERY company, organization, and government agency I write to.
Whether it's a billing issue, notice of change of address, compliment, or a complaint, I use this template.
Consumer Letter - HTML Version
Consumer Letter - MS-WORD Template (.dot)

Junk Mail Response Letter:
This is the template I use for ALL JUNK MAIL!
As soon as I get a piece of junk mail, I make a copy of the first page or envelope and then include it with my response.
The amount of junk mail I get is next to ZERO!
Junk Mail Response - HTML Version
Junk Mail Response - MS-WORD Template(.dot)