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To whom it may concern:

I recently received the enclosed unsolicited advertisement from your organization via the U.S. Postal Service. In accordance with Federal & State laws, this is legal notice to your organization, its parent, subsidiaries, and affiliates, to cease and desist. Failure to do so will result in civil and criminal prosecution.

As stated in the Privacy & Usage Agreement set forth by myself, you are required to disclose the full name and street address of the organization that supplied you with any information concerning myself in each correspondence. This disclosure must include the specific organization from which you obtained this information. Vague statements such as "public records", "affiliates", or other assertions will not fulfill this requirement.

PUBLIC RECORD SOURCES: If you have obtained this information from a government agency or other public record request then you are required to provide a full disclosure of that agency and proof of purchase by your organization directly from such.
THIRD PARTY SOURCES: If you have obtained this information from an outside or third party source, or requested that any outside source send the offer on your behalf, you are required to provide the full name and street address of that entity along with the full name and street address of their statutory agent. It is also your responsibility to notify that organization of this notice and to have all such information removed from their files and databases. Failure on your part to make proper notification constitutes agreement to be held liable for any further use and treble the cost of any action to enforce such.

You are not authorized to collect, use, trade, or distribute any information concerning myself. This includes (but is not limited to) my name, address, phone number, purchasing habits, demographic information, credit history, background information, or any other information whatsoever. The collection or use of information concerning myself is limited to only that information critically necessary to process transactions specifically authorized by myself, or as specifically required by law and may not be used for any other purpose. This notice supersedes and nullifies any previous authorization or consent, implied or expressed.

You are therefore required to immediately delete any information concerning myself that I have not specifically authorized you to obtain from all files and databases under your control, and from those of any organization you may distributed such to.


If I have not received confirmation of compliance with the preceding within 30 calendar days of this letter, I may at my option begin civil & criminal prosecution of your organization. This action will include but not be limited to: the collection of all fees set forth in my Privacy & Usage Agreement for the collection and use of my name, address, property; fees for the use of my property and equipment for furthering your business; all fees specified herein; and, agreement by you to pay treble all fees and costs incurred by me to enforce such.

Furthermore, any storage, collection, use, or distribution of information concerning myself constitutes agreement to the terms and conditions set forth in my Privacy & Usage Agreement. Including but not limited to, the collection of all fees set forth in the Privacy & Usage Agreement for the use of my name, address, home and equipment for furthering your business. This includes agreement to pay me a fee of $100,000.00 (USD) for each use by you, and, a similar amount for each subsequent use by anyone using information about me provided by you or provided due to your failure to give proper notice prohibiting the use of such or failing to have such information removed from the records of the entity which supplied you such. Additional fees shall be incurred for failure to properly disclose specific information sources. Any outstanding balance or failure to pay such constitutes agreement to: a) be held fully liable to me for such by both the organization or corporate entity and personally liable for such by any and all corporate officers individually of any entity involved; b) establishment and recording of a consensual lien of first priority against the entity's assets and against those of its corporate officers individually, at the entity and/or officer's expense; c) pay me treble any costs incurred to enforce or collect such; and, d) agreement that liability for any outstanding balance shall survive in full any debtor relief proceedings and repayment in full of such to me shall be given first priority in any such proceedings.

For a complete copy of my Privacy & Usage Agreement, please write to the address above and include a cashier’s check payable to me in the amount of $150.00 (USD) for processing and handling. Failure to obtain a copy of such prior to violating any term, condition, or provision contained therein does not constitute waiver of liability by you and may be prosecuted as an act of fraud by you against me.



CC: State Atty. Gen., Consumer Fraud Div.