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How to run multiple web sites on IIS on XP PRO
How to host multiple web sites on XP PRO
In keeping with the Microsoft crede (say it with me, Bleed the customer's bank account dry...), Windows 2000 Pro & XP Pro come with a "Single Site Version" of IIS. What this means is that you can only run/host one website at a time. If you go into the IIS Snap-In/MMC, and do a righ-click on the "Web Sites" folder, you will NOT get the "Add New Web Site" option.
While you can search the Net for days, find a hundred hacks that will show you how to create multiple sites, then teach you how to manually stop and start one site at a time, the easiest answer is:

Get the FREE UTILITY: XP Pro IIS Admin from

This little jewel will give you a pop-up utility that will allow you easily create multiple web sites on your WIN2K or XP Pro system and then switch/choose between them at will. (Sorry, still can only have one active at a time.)


When loading an HTML page from IIS (Microsoft Internet Information Server), the page seems to "hang", or never load.


Check the "link rel" tags within the source code of the page. If there is a reference to a .css file (style sheet), and the actual .css file (style sheet) is EMPTY, IE seems to have a problem. This can be exasperated if there are multiple links/references to multiple .css files that are empty or missing.

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