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$10,000.00 fee for EACH Unsolicted Commerial Email (SPAM)

The sending of ANY Unsolicited Commercial Emails (aka SPAM) to ANY address within this domain constitutes agreement to pay the owner of this domain $10,000.00 per email.

Permission by incorporation or reference nullified

No person or entity can be granted permission or authorization to use any email address within this domain for the purpose of spam by incorporating such permissions within any document or agreement, electronic or otherwise. Contact from email addresses belonging to this site or domain does not constitute any implied or expressed permission to use such for unsolicted commercial contact and acceptance of any comminucations from such constitutes immediate and permanent notice of "opt-out" of any implied or expressed use by the receiver. Any permission or authority to the contrary, implied or expressed, is permanently nullified and revoked.

Permission by written and notarized authorization only

Permission and/or authorization for the collection or use of email addresses within this domain may only be granted or enforced by written authorization from the owner of this domain. Written permission and/or authorization must include the notarized signature of the owner of this domain or such authorization or permission is null and void.

Supercedes any other permission, consent, or authority

This policy supercedes any and all other statements of permission or consent, and any/all other legal authority to the contrary, expressed or implied.

Use for Commercial or Financial Purposes Prohibited

No person or entity shall use any portion of this site for any commercial or financial purposes without the expressed and explicit written and notarized authorization from the owner(s) fo this site. Use without permission constitutes agreement to pay the owner(s) of this site a sum of no less than $1,000,000.00 per violation, and the offender accepts any and all liabilty for related to such.

Use Constitutes Binding Agreement

Any use of this site or it's email addresses constitutes agreement to all terms and conditions contained herein.

Waiver of Legal Defenses

In any legal action iniated by the owner(s) or agents of this site to enforce or protect the terms, property, or rights of the site, owner(s) or agent, and in any action brought against this site, its owners or agents, all opposing parties waives the right to representation by certified and/or licensed legal counsel or attorney and agrees to be represented only by a person approved by this site, its owners or agents.

Waiver of Extradition and Right of Venue

In any action brought in defense of this site, its owners or agents, or rights of such, all opposing parties agree to a place of venue and court of this site's choosing, and all opposing parties waive any and all defenses against extradition to that place of venue.